Pumpkin Patch Scarecrows

The Pumpkin King Pumpkin Patch has been a Fresno tradition for over 25 years.  On one of the city's busiest intersections, it's a popular gathering place amid hay bales and pumpkins and pony rides. It's particularly popular with the toddler set and those wishing to turn toddlers loose.

Over the years, the patch has grown in size and popularity, as well as in their product offerings. The stack of white Lumina pumpkins used to be the ones grown for the cannery instead of a windowsill, but people started asking for them.  Nowdays, the Pumpkin King sells tiny pumpkins and huge pumpkins, white pumpkins, Kid in the Patchand blue-gray pumpkins, wheat stalks, and more.

In 2000, the Pumpkin King began a tradition of having an annual Blood Drive, the Great Pumpkin Blood Drive, this year on Saturday, October 20 & Sunday, October 21, 2012. This blood drive is one of the biggest two-day blood drives in the area, and benefits the community greatly.  Every person who donates blood gets a free pumpkin.

Come to the corner of Blackstone and Shaw, and see why people keep coming back, year after year, to just hang out and feel the warmth of family and friends at the Pumpkin Patch.


"Continue to be a proud sponsor of the Central California Blood Center by helping the Center to complete its life-saving mission."

Pumpkin King LLC., Pumpkin King Pumpkin Patch family owned and operated since 1985, has grown to be one of the Valleys largest handlers of Pumpkins, Gourds, Indian Corn, Corn Stalks, Straw Bales and a variety of Hard-shell Squash. We strive every October to provide our customers with the absolute best quality of product and service available during the Harvest / Halloween season and to treat our customers like "family", because that's truly how we feel about them.

Give the gift of life. Give blood.You can give life to your community by donating at either a Central California Blood Center near you or by stopping by one of the many mobile blood drives held every day around the Central Valley. By donating you help to ensure an adequate supply of blood is available for your family, friends and neighbors when they need it.

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